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How Successful Artists Study
How Successful Artists Study
Origin of Inspiration
Origin of Inspiration

How Successful Artists Study

Transform Your Talent
into a Rewarding Passion

The pursuit of art is hard, tough, sometimes discouraging and demands years of investment. Yet only handful of artists who—without even trying very hard—succeed and enjoy commissions and successful gallery exhibitions in spite of all obstacles. Why is this so?

7 Reasons to read the book

1 A guide; to help you make right decisions, right choices and strategies.
2 How self-taught artists can develop their talent.
3 How to develop a style that stands out from other artists.
4 Help for artists at crossroads and uncertain about what step to take next.
5 How to capture the attention of important galleries and collectors.
6 How to maintain continued growth.
7 How to avoid “Starving Artist Syndrome.”

Reading How Successful Artists Study is like brainstorming with a mentor or a professional artist. It provides access to the inner mind and secret habits that assist the few that do well in the arts. Every page in the book provides life-changing ideas, decisions, choices, and strategies.

Why Some Artists Almost Always
Achieve Their Dreams

In the arts, only a handful of the artists reap the highest benefits. It is this few elite who receive all the attention. They attract others and others follow their lead. They are the most respected, the most rewarded, most influential, most famous and the happiest. They take chances and succeed because they know what to do. Are you among these few privilege artists? If you aren't, and you’re a bit skeptical to invest in your talent, take full advantage of the 100% RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee. You have 3 months to read it, learn the trails and clues of the successful 2%, make notes and send it back in any shape, and you'll get your money back, but keep the 2 free downloads. How Successful Artists Study provides a broad overview, a guide, a map and clues to how successful artists do it—their choices, decisions and strategies.


What to do if you are uncertain about what step to take next.
Advantages of Self-Taught Students

1 - How to develop a style that separates you from everyone.
How much talent does the student need? • Drawing, Color and Composition

2 - How to Choose Instructors and Workshops
How to find a Mentor • How To Find Your Vision: How Your PastProfession Can Help You succeed in the arts

3 - Understanding Color
What Is Composition, Understanding Composition and why it is the most important element and how to master it? Three Stages of Composition. Learn common traits of successful artists.

4 - How to Pursue Excellence A must have guide for aspiring teachers • How to Develop your Artistic Taste in order to avoid mediocrity • Good, Mediocre or Amateurish, How Do You Know the Difference?

5 - What art Dealers Look for
What Successful Portfolios Have in Common • How to Attract your favorite gallery

6 - Excercises to help you Improve, books to help you grow and The Five Immortal Laws of Artistic Success
How to Avoid Errors That Hold You Back? • And many more important chapters.

The book is easy to read,
with a soft cover. It does not provide exhaustive theory or dreary principles. It is enjoyable to read, like brainstorming with a mentoror having all your questions answered by a professional artist. The original price for How Successful Artists Study was $79.99. It was an exclusive price designed to attract only a few buyers. This limited edition is now being offered at a Promotional Price of $29.50. Compare this to the high prices of art catalogs and instructional DVDs, which usually cost between $89 and $180! For this low price the book makes a perfect investment for yourself and a great gift for your love ones.

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“Sam Adoquei’s teaching ideas and wisdom
in the studio have worked for legions
of successful artists at the
National Academy School of Fine Arts.”

Nancy Little, Former Director National Academy School of Fine Arts

Artistic Choices, Decisions And Strategies

The average artist takes years of art classes, spends thousands of dollars on workshops, hundreds and hundreds of dollars on how to videos and books on technic and still lack what it takes to attract big commissions and favorite galleries, to teach you must know what it takes to attract students and keep students. Let the book help with the decisions, choices and plans you make in order to attract commissions, galleries and students.

One Stop Source for Information. If you are to pick any book to help make your artistic journey enjoyable, rewarding and fulfilling, one complete book in the market today that deals only with ideas and important information you must have but can'tget in art studios, workshops and magazines, which book will you pick? How Successful Artists Study is a one-stop source of packed ideas, information and solutions. It is the perfect cure for the starving artist’s syndrome. The book provides clues to how successful artists do it — their choices, decisions and strategies.

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Sam Adoquei

The author

Mr. Adoquei is on the faculty of the National Academy School of Fine Art. He has taught at the New York Academy of Art, the Art Students League of New York, the Educational Alliance and the Lyme Academy of Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Mr. Adoquei’s artwork has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. and other galleries and museums. He is also the author of Origin of Inspiration and How Successful Artists Study, both of which are Strand Books No.1 Bestsellers. The artist’s paintings have appeared on the covers of books, magazines and newspapers, including a highly favorable “New York Times” article about Mr. Adoquei’s painting, “The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.”

About five years ago the Harvard Club commissioned a portrait by Mr. Adoquei, and this portrait is now hanging among some of history’s best portrait artists in the collection of the Harvard Club. Recently, the city of Pomport, Bergerac, France awarded Mr. Adoquei the City’s Medal of Honor for his contribution and dedication to the arts and culture of the area. Early this fall Mr. Adoquei was invited to join the Board of Advisors of the Portrait Society of America.

If you're not too sure, take full advantage of the free downloads and the 100% RISK FREE
Money Back Guarantee. You have 12 months to read it, make notes and send it back in any
shape and you'll get your money back, but keep 7 Immortal Laws of Color.

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