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Enduring Inspiration
For Your Creative Journey

Dear Creative Friend,

How do you stay strong and keep going, when you have lost your courage, enthusiasm and lost your desire and hopes to continue following your dream? Where do great people get their courage?

If your dream is to do great things and inspire people then enduring inspiration is the guidance you need. If you take a look at the testimonies of the many people this book has helped or transformed, you will realize how much the ideas in this little book will help you grow your dream. Origin of Inspiration has inspired a film and helped many transform their talents to create great works.

A Little Book That Grows Dreams and Talents

The two new essays added to this new edition–show you the path that has led many great people to achieve their dreams. How to Grow your Dream (Page 105) is Written to help artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors and entrepreneurs, and creative people—who need enduring inspiration, courage, passion, hope and continue enthusiasm to help them achieve their dreams.

Inspired 1000s of Creative people

Origin of Inspiration helped Gregory Serdahl the owner of Massage America to opened his biggest massage center in Union Square, New York, because of this little book Julian Casablancas lead the rock band The Strokes to an international sensation, Within two years Origin of Inspiration went from Bestseller and Sold Out to BEST OF THE BEST BOOKS for creative people at Strand Books.

Instead of believing only a few are blessed with greatness and immortality, with experience and insight Origin of Inspiration shows the source of enduring inspiration.

  "Some dreamers have big dreams, stamina, energy, will power and a big heart. With extreme enthusiasm and excitement they jump into pursuits and hope for the best. As a mentor, a teacher and a professional artist for over 20 years, I have seen too many hearts broken unnecessarily due to a weak approach to pursuing a dream. It would be hypocritical and uncivil not to reveal or share my discoveries and wisdom. It is this moral duty to share all that I have learned over the years that inspired the new essays ‘How to Grow Your Dream’ and ‘Meditation with Divine Teachers of the Ages’ in the new edition, on page 105."


Strand books #1 best seller

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Origins of Inspiration Book Cover

A Must Read!!!
Jeanine Jackson, Professional artist/teacher
I am sitting in a cafe near Union Square reading your second essay. My heart is responding to the message as if you
wrote it just for me.
It's so beautiful and inspiring, and I am
looking forward to the pleasure
of reading the rest of the book.
Thank you, Sam. You have given me
(and the world) many wonderful gifts and
writing this book is another one.
–Julie Kessler
(Artist and Massage Therapist)

This book has already changed my life!
–Mood Conyers (Art Gallery Director, Florida)

I can see that it is a treasure that will accompany me on
many long and short journeys!
Thank you.
–Denise Fryburg (Teacher, New York City)

Publisher’s RISK FREE Full Refund Policy
Compared to other art books, the book is reasonably priced to reach everyone. The RISK FREE Full Refund Policy allows artists to Keep the book or return it for 100% money back after three months of purchase, no questions asked.

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